AGM Reminder and Recent News

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is just a few days away so this is a reminder that all plot holders, family members and interested parties are invited to attend.

The agenda for the meeting is HERE. ( )


The Elms Farm Allotment Association (EFAA) was set up a few years ago to represent ALL plot holders. We work closely with the Parish Council and are authorised by them to manage tenancies, plot inspections, suppliers and initiatives to improve the site. We need more plot holders to join the EFAA committee and help us do this work. It’s a voluntary role and does require a small amount of time each month but it’s an opportunity to make real change across the site, support each other and create a more positive community.

If you’re willing to give a few hours each month to get involved please STAND FOR ELECTION as a member of the committee. We have a number of important roles that we’d like to fill as well as needing representation from the community. To get involved please email us NOW and then come along to the meeting. If you have any questions you are welcome to email or call (contact details are here on the website.)


The site was ‘raided’ again this week, with a number of sheds broken into and some plants damaged. Most plot holders have reported that very little has been stolen which leads us to believe that this is probably the work of casual thieves looking for valuables or new items to sell.

Security is one of the issues we’ll be presenting at the AGM and, once agreed, will be implementing some measures to deter thieves and vandals. However, the key message is simple: Don’t leave valuable tools, electrical items or materials on your plot. No amount of security will stop thieves who are determined to get into sheds on a remote site like Elms Farm.


The Spring inspection has now been conducted and we’ll be discussing the results with the Parish Council as soon as possible. We’re delighted that we have new tenants on previously empty plots and that the majority of plot holders are actively preparing and cultivating their plots. However, some people still have work to do and a small number don’t appear to have started work at all.

For some there may be advisory letters from the Parish Council, so if you receive one, please take it seriously and get in touch if you’re having difficulties. We are here to listen and help. But if you are no longer interested or able to work on your plot, please consider handing it over so that we can offer it to someone on the waiting list. It isn’t fair on them or other plot holders to leave allotments uncultivated. All advisory letters will be sent by the end of April.


We’ve been working on various initiatives to improve the Elms Farm site. The recent skip was full within a few days and is clearly going to be valuable. There will be more skips soon. Some projects are taking longer than we’d like for various reasons, but they are not forgotten. Please bear with us as we prepare improvements over the summer.

Please join us on Wednesday for the AGM. Hope to see you there.