Elms Farm Allotment Association Committee

The Elms Farm Allotment Association is run by an elected group of allotment members. They are responsible for administrating and managing the whole site, collecting rents, updating rules and fees, keeping the members informed of issues and developments and many other things.

With a site the size of Elms Farm, it takes some organisation, and different committee members take responsibility for specific actions and activities,

The purposes of the committee include:

  1. Effectively managing the site sublet in allotment plots to members* of the Association for allotment gardening.
  2. Through the above, to offer members the opportunity to provide for themselves vegetables, fruit and flowers and to enjoy attendant leisure, social and health benefits
  3. Establish and maintain cooperative and harmonious relationships amongst members and with the local community bordering the site
  4. The continuation of the existence of the Association and its operation for the benefit of its members.
  5. Foster links with other like-minded organisations.

The Association shall be non-party in politics and non-sectarian in religion and operate an equal opportunities policy.

*(Members of the Association are all those people who have paid the current membership fee and rent at least one allotment plot.)

The Committee’s responsibilities are as follows:

  • Know and understand the Rules of the Association and ensure that they are followed.
  • Manage the Association finances including the collection of Members’ rents and payment to Landlord
  • Communicate with members
  • Hold an Annual General Meeting and regular meetings
  • Uphold duty of care for members’ well being on site.
  • Maintain records
  • Facilitate site maintenance site including:-
  • Water supply
  • Road and car park
  • Security including boundaries and gates
  • Mowing of grass tracks and trim hedges
  • Meeting hut, storage bunker, woodchip and manure bays
  • Regular supply of woodchip and manure
  • Foster links with other like-minded organisations and voluntary and community sector groups.

The committee is voted in at each AGM each April. Any member of the association can apply to become a committee member.

The current committee is made up of the following association members.

ChairRichard HaywoodPlot 9c
SecretaryAnne WilkinsonPlot 22h
MemberGerred GilronanPlot 8a
MemberStephen HumePlot 13b
MemberSandra HumePlot 13b