Spring Inspection Notice 2024

Elms Farm Allotment Association Plot Inspection Notice.

The committee will inspect plots between the 1st of April and the 14th of April 2024.

Can I be present during the inspection?
Tenants will not be present during inspections so they can be completed swiftly and impartially. If you have anything you need the committee to know about your plot before we inspect it, please email elmsfarmallotmentassociation@gmail.com by noon on 31st March 2024.

Why must plots be inspected?
All of the allotment site needs to be inspected at least twice per year to ensure they conform to the terms of their tenancy agreement and use the land for purposes as agreed and in the manner agreed. The committee must also ensure that plots are safe and free from potential hazards. Additionally, we will ensure that pathways are kept clear and tenants are making good progress. These inspections are routine and are a part of good housekeeping on the part of the committee.

What will you be looking for?
The committee’s primary concern will be that tenants have made good progress. This means that all plots should be presently being worked (plants in the soil) and that areas of the plot that are not cultivated or awaiting cultivation are reasonably maintained to reduce the spread of weeds (e.g., strimmed or covered in the weed-proof membrane). The committee will check that sites do not contain unusual amounts of rubbish, prohibited items, non-allotment materials or health hazards.

What will happen if the committee finds something amiss with my plot?
You will be given a notice that will provide a reasonable timescale to remedy the issue(s) (between 7-30 days, depending on the issue). If you are unable to remedy the issue(s) within this time frame, the committee will contact you with further warnings. If you are unable to show progress by the end of the season, we may ask you to vacate your plot. We hope any issues brought to your attention will be quickly rectified.

What happens if I still need to start working on my plot this season?

As inspections are made more than 30 days after the last frost risk, all plots should show signs of work undertaken. Please ensure you begin work on your plot and there are signs of present growth or good cultivation of a reasonable portion of the plot by the time of the inspection. Please remember that we have a growing wait list and have received funds from the local parish council on the promise that plots are being used as active allotments. The committee always wants all tenants to be successful and use their plots as intended, so please get in touch if you need help so we can discuss your options.

What if I have been ill or have another reason I have not been able to tend my plot?
Please contact the committee at elmsfarmallotmentassociation@gmail.com, and we will discuss what help you might need.